Benefits of a Session

  * Sessions clarify and can help with decision-making.  

  * The veil has lifted with the spirit world and we all can tap into the deep wisdom.  I can show you how.

  * I can help you know if a job or career is right for you or not. This is easily seen through your handwriting.

  * Find out about other lifetimes (known as past lives or reincarnation). 

 * Healing work can improve communication with others in your life and help you create more abundance on all levels.

Process Coaching

  The simple and effective tools and frames are easy to learn and incredibly effective!  Ask me about books and tapes.

 Call me @ 916-206-0927 to set up a session.  

In person or phone readings:

$35.00 per 15 minute increments.

Many Blessings!