Your Inner Child is 

Waiting for you

The Twelve-step program recovery movement considers healing the inner child to be one of the essential stages in recovery from addiction, abuse, trauma, or post-traumatic stress disorder.These topics remain very active today. 

We can connect with our Inner Child and 'rewrite' trauma very easily

Why is this the most important thing we can ever do? 

When the child is happy, the adult is happy. An unhappy inner child pulls in traumatic incidents to get our attention.  Bringing loving acceptance to your child part is the medicine for a joyful life.

I love sharing this work because I want you to feel the joy, love and relief of a life filled with wonder again!

Your Inner Child is waiting!

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Though we are usually not consciously aware of the Inner Child, the energy of the experiences remain active, unconsciously. So, believe me, anything that upset you as a child...especially trauma...continues to 'pull in' similar experiences.  These are called 'reenactments'.  You may notice that you attract friends and lovers who have the same problems your dysfunctional parent or caregiver had.  Why is this?  Because the child wanted to make things better, but was and felt helpless to fix anything.  The desire to make things better remains long after we've grown.  But this Inner Child has fragmented off from consciousness.  Most likely because the experiences felt horrible when we were children.  So we bury or 'repress' the memories.  Believe it or not, I can even see this in the handwriting!

We have simply not understood how important it has been to heal this part.  Why?  Because a happy Inner Child means we will have a happy and abundant life.

I can attest to this process because I've experienced tremendous results in my own life.  I want to share the secret with you.  It's easier than you can imagine.  And best of all...IT WORKS!!

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Because of the 'law of attraction'