Thank you to the wonderful clients who have graciously written  about their experiences with me.

March 25, 2014 "Linda is an amazing psychic. Every time she does my reading she's always correct." S.M. , Vacaville, CA

March 30, 2014 "Goodmorning. What a difference a day makes. I cant thank you enough. I listened to the tape (of our session), again when I got home, made my altar. I actually slept for 4 hrs straight something I haven't done in at least 6 months. Listened to tape at 2 am and slept till 7 first time in years I have slept past 5 am. I woke with such a calm and peace and strength all at the same time. I am putting all it into my daily routine no matter what. Have a blessed day." c.l., Sacramento, CA

March 5, 2014 Hi Linda, Thank you so much for the class on Sunday. I really enjoyed the work. I can see in you the amazing results you have achieved by using this process (coaching). You are an excellent teacher and pass your enthusiasm on in the classes I have taken from you. Thank you! Namaste, Vivian L. J

January 4, 2014 Hi, Linda. I had a reading with you on Saturday, Sep 28th. Ever since that day I can't stop thinking about it and I feel my grandfather and T. around me more than ever. :) you had mentioned to me that you could see T. with a German Shepherd and that the dog had a name that seemed to be named by a child/children's name- and that it was his favorite dog- but I didn't know of a dog like that. Sooooooo- when I got home I emailed his mother (we've never met in person) and asked her if she remembered him having a German shepherd and she replied with YES! It was his favorite dog growing up and her name was T.! Wow! When I read that it really confirmed that it really was my loved ones coming through! So awesome!!! Thank you for that. :) I've also really been thinking about how you said that I should look into taping into my own "abilities" and it's something that I really want to do. :) My mom and my Grandma also would love to come in for a reading with me to see if Grandpa would come through again :) . I just wanted to share this with you and I hope to see you soon! xoxo

August 1, 2013 Thank you so very much, Linda, for the intuitive reading. I have had two readings with you in the past several months. The first reading, I did not want to hear what you had to say, but your accuracy amazed me. During that first reading, you saw the man I was involved with not being good for me and you saw me clearing my clutter for new things to come. You were right on! The second reading was just as accurate, and I was more open to what you picked up. You are so compassionate and helpful. You even gave me some meditation exercises and ways to know when I am putting myself down (those voices in the head). I’ve noticed that since I’ve been practicing these exercises, my life is smoothing out. I don’t think that’s coincidence. There are many other things that your guidance has done for me, but I wanted those considering a reading from you to know....You are real. I'm looking forward to my Past Life Regression with you, as my friend told me that hers was amazing. Blessings, Laurie, Folsom, CA

March 20, 2013 Re: Ignite Your Intuition class: "I have not felt this rejuvenated, this incredibly amazing feeling since probably the day I knew I was in love with (name omitted)...the first time I ever experienced unconditional love. True love. And to feel that inside of me now, just incredibly empowers me. Have I told you how blessed I feel that our paths have crossed? Well I do.".GGS, Sacramento, CA

March 6, 2013 January 13,2013 Linda, you are very gifted and talented. I believe in you and I'm thankful for your wonderful mind. I love how you read the cards; you make them clear to me. I find it amaaaaazing that you can read me so well. You always seem to know just what to say. I can begin our sessions in a very confused state and yet when we are done, I feel calmer, centered and more hopeful. I also like how you word things, in my reading you said " You're riding a race horse and hang on! wahooo!" That is exactly how I'm feeling right now! You are a wonderfully warm and caring person; so intuitive and I appreciate that you share this gift with me. I am so lucky you are in my life. You are a very special reader and I would highly recommend you to everyone. N.B., Folsom, CA

June 10, 2012 I receive a wonderful, calming, trusting energy from you. You are the perfect person for this. Linda P., Citrus Heights, CA,

June 25, 2012 Linda, I just have to thank you again for what you are contributing to my journey. I trust you were part of the bigger plan all along. Your work is invaluable to me, and I'm certain to countless others as well. With much gratitude, Celeste

Dec.15, 2011 Linda, you are amazing, you are a such a gift to this world and what a blessing for you to be able share it. I have so many people, that when they are ready, I want them to see you. They are hurting and I feel you can help them as you have helped me in so many ways! Toni, Skin Care Sales, Folsom, California

June 24, 2009 Thank you so much :) you saved us a lot of time and money on counseling that would have never gotten to the source of the problem :) J. , Sacramento, CA - 7/24/09

August 24, 2009 Can't say enough about Linda. I have had a couple readings before by others and Linda nailed me completely. I never imagined she could pick up on so much from my handwriting but she sure did. Very honest caring and compassionate in her work and dealings with people. She also read the cards and I cant dispute anything that she told me. It was an eye opener and very helpful to me to realize I was definitely on the right path. Will go see her again and recommend her to all my friends. You wont be disappointed at all. Cindy J

January 5, 2009 Linda ~ Being present for your class was so in alignment for me. It was supercharged with information and you left me wanting more. My daughter even commented on how much she learned and she's only 8. She even took some of that knowledge to school the next day and started looking at the handwriting of the children on the playground. I am definitely seeking more from you, especially when it comes to being in alignment with my soul purpose. I can't wait for a longer reading and more time well spent with you! You are a divine angel! Sincere thanks and Blessings, Kat

April 7, 2008 Your reading helped change my relationship to (name omitted for privacy). . .it really opened my eyes to how amazing he is and to how I was affecting our relationship . . .I knew you would help, that's why we made it a priority to come see you on our way out of town . . .Thank you so much :) you saved us a lot of time and money on counseling that would have never gotten to the source of the problem :)The handwriting analysis bolstered my confidence so that I could push forward with personal plans for achievement. The tarot card reading helped me relax and trust that, with time, intention would prevail. I appreciate your very personal approach and have referred my friend to you. J. Sacramento, CA J

January 14, 2008 Linda, you have been very pivotal in my growth spurt. Once I got a flavor of the Enneagram type '2' .I am advised at trying to keep the wheels on. So thank you Earth Angel~

Linda's Enneagram class is wonderful. She is an approachable, involved teacher. Linda has private consultations for those who wish to fast track and really get going on their life's journey. I would highly recommend Linda over and over again because you will always learn something new~ BeWell! Shaun Brown Author, Speaker, Publisher

January 1, 2008 Linda is an incredible women and her abilities will amaze you. I have relied upon her professionally for several years. Kevin Cohee - DoAnEvent - Sacramento

September 14, 2007 Linda is a unique coupling of healing, on a mission of truth. Her readings are amazingly accurate. Joe Ivory, Numeron, Walnut Creek July 2, 2007 I would like to say Thank you (Gratitude) to Linda for the work you are doing. In giving a personal testimony. I came across this talented woman at an event at East West Books. Loved her energy right off and decided to listen in on her class, I was on the edge of my seat. I have experience with hand writing analysis growing up with a mother who could do this. It always made sense to me,.. I understand how we came into this life with a road map . Who says we dont have a manual? hehehe I absolutely loved the reading Awareness really helps you make a choice instead of just reacting to things around you. Thank you again for being there to help us discover our way back to our purpose and our authentic selves! Keep it up, the world needs more Linda's out there being a part of this positive shift! In Gratitude, Kaitlyn Keyt

March 15, 2007 I found your handwriting analysis very helpful. I've done a lot of things since we last met. I feel I've become much more positive about my life, and I've gotten a lot of compliments on how happy I appear to be. Best of all,I just do it.It's the only way to go. Arlene Poma, Sacramento, Ca