I have been a Certified Graphoanalyst through the International Graphoanalysis Society since 1990. 

 The 'CGA' stands for Certified Graphoanalyst

 Marilyn Monroe's signature below reveals so much about her.  

Notice the thickness of the stroke.  This means she has extremely intense feelings.  The feelings will show because the slant of her writing leans very far to the right.

Next, notice in the letter "M' there are big 'under loops' as she makes the letter.  These are called 'worry' or anxiety loops.

Next, see the beginning hook on her first Letter 'M'...this is a temper tic.

No wonder she was the 'blonde bombshell'!!

 What is a Certified Graphoanalyst?

Graphoanalysis is a scientific method of 'graphology' or handwriting analysis.

Though I'm certified for forensic document examination, I use the highly accurate science for guiding you towards your life purpose, career development, relationship compatibility, and so much more.

Did you know that there are well over 300 traits in a sample of writing?  In fact, your cursive letter 't' has over 30 possible combinations and meanings.

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